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 ====== Copy Text to Clipboard ====== ====== Copy Text to Clipboard ======
-This is simple little command to copy a predefined sting of text to the clipboard by running the batch file. If there is a message or password you reference often enough to leave sitting in a handy text file, this is a more streamlined solution.+Here are couple batch files that can streamline frequently used strings that don't quite justify an AutoHotKey command.
 ===== Batch File Code ===== ===== Batch File Code =====
-<code> +This works for a predefined, on line string. Like a not so important password or address that is used frequently. 
-echo|set/p=TextToBeCopied|clip + 
-</code>+  echo|set/p=TextToBeCopied|clip 
 +This one is for a formatted block of text stored in a separate text file. Handy for pre-formatted messages and documentation frameworks. 
 +  type text.txt | clip 
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